Our Services

Okinawa Diving Charters operates as a dive boat charter service or water taxi service. We provide transportation to and from the dive and maybe a buddy or two (when available). Tank rentals are available with delivery to / from the port for a nominal fee.

Come dive the Manza Dream Hole with us! It is only 10 minutes out the port.
We offer dive trips to the following locations in the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean side of Okinawa

  • Mission Beach
  • Malibu Beach
  • Onna Point
  • Toilet bowl
  • Mini Dream Hole
  • Maeda Flats
  • Tancha Bay
  • Maeda Point
  • Diamond Beach
  • Closeline
  • Aurora
  • Miyuki Beach
  • Seragaki Wall
  • Tsuken Island
  • Apogama
  • Barracuda Smile
  • Giant Stride
  • Tombs
  • Ikei Island
  • Labyrynth
  • Maeda Blue Cave
  • Horseshoe Beach
  • Elephant's Nose
  • Ukibaru Island
  • Ie island
  • Imbu Beach
  • Manza Mo
  • Manza Dream Hole
  • Minna Island
  • Sesoko Island

Want to go Fishing? check us out here to schedule a trip www.okinawafishing.com 

Some of our dive sites

  •  nemo


Description (bring your own gear and tanks)
minimum  divers
2 tank dive  (east or west side of Okinawa)
0800~1200 or 1300~1700
4 divers
$40 per person
3 tank dive  (east or west side of Okinawa)
4 divers
$60 per person
2 tank dive (ie island, minna island, sesoko island)
6 divers
$60 per person
3 tank dive (ie island, minna island, sesoko island)
6 divers
$80 per person

Interested in seeing our cancellation/missing/stolen/lost/damage policies. Please download here.